Our Pastor

R20150104-123741.jpgev. Bonnie Scott  has a heart for conveying the deep riches of the Christian tradition with new generations, and tries to write every sermon with a Young Adult over one shoulder and a skeptic over the other. Jacob and Rachel of the Old Testament are her favorite Bible characters because of their outlandish but relatable stories. She is a graduate of Duke Divinity School, and child of the Methodist church. She can often be found planning her next camping trip,  learning to dance, or woodworking in unconventional spaces. “Every time I start over, I am reminded that building community is so SLOW. Feeling at home in a church takes time. Don’t be discouraged, but give yourself a gift of patience, and just keep showing up until the place fits. Slowly, now. With love, Pastor Bonnie.”

Contact Rev. Bonnie at: revbonniescott@gmail.com
Click Here for Rev. Bonnie’s Reading List.
To learn more about Rev. Bonnie, check out this entry on our blog. 


Our Staff
Rev. Bonnie Scott, Pastor
Natalie Schneiderman, Director of Music
Kimberly Blanchard, Accompanist
Nursery Director – open
Sharon Pearsall, Administrator

Our Lay Leadership
We have dynamic and committed lay leadership that serves our ministry teams (Education, Bible Studies, Outreach, Youth, etc) and our administrative teams (Finance, Personnel, Trustees, Council, Nominations). Contact the church office if you would like to be in touch with any of our lay leaders. If you are interested in becoming a leader at Trinity, we hope to help you find your gifts and a place to serve.

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