Welcome, Guests!


Welcome! Maybe you heard the call of the bells or feel something stirring in your heart. Whatever your reason for seeking out a church, we’re delighted you’ve stumbled upon our website.

Sundays 10am. You are invited to join us on a Sunday for Worship and children’s Sunday School. When you arrive on Sunday morning, a greeter will direct you to the Sanctuary and answer your questions about children, youth, and Sunday School.

New Beginnings Retreat is offered seasonally on Saturday afternoons with Rev. Bonnie. More fun than a traditional “new members class,” this is a family-friendly retreat and is a chance to share your story and hear ours.

A Word from Pastor Bonnie: Every time I start over, I am reminded that building community is so SLOW. Feeling at home in a church takes time. Don’t be discouraged, but give yourself a gift of patience, and just keep showing up until the place fits. Slowly, now.”

First Time Guest FAQ

Do you have a Nursery? Yes! Nursery care is usually provided for infants thru age 2.  The nursery is located in the Education Hallway, not far from the Sanctuary, and is staffed by a childcare provider. We also welcome children (and their noises) in church! You’ll find rocking chairs in the back of the Sanctuary for your convenience.

Is there Sunday School for about my kids?  We invite children to be a part of worship for the first 15 minutes of service and a children’s moment with the pastor. After that, 2 year olds–5th graders are dismissed for Sunday School or Children’s Church. Our kids also have special activities throughout the year, including Vacation Bible School, a Christmas Pageant, mission projects and more.

The fort the kids built in church

A Children’s Moment about God as our Refuge

Is my teenager going to feel out of place? (6th-12th grades)  No! He or she will be in good company. Sermons are designed to be accessible to youth and adults. After the sermon, teenagers are dismissed for a discussion or conversation about the sermon topic until around 11:15.

Methodists like to eat, right? Guilty as charged. Join us after worship for a coffee hour with refreshments. We hope you will stay to introduce yourself to those around you. Make sure you see Pastor Bonnie and say hello.

Will you embarrass me in service? Absolutely not. It’s up to you to let us know that it’s your first time. You can be as visible or as anonymous as you like.

Other questions? Feel free to email our office, or just ask on a  Sunday morning. office@trinity-germantown.org


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