We Welcome New Visitors at Trinity

Nuts and Bolts of Our Life Together

Welcome We welcome you to Trinity and hope that you experience the peace of God and a loving welcome, even amidst our precautions to stay safe.  All beginnings are hard, and it takes time to feel at home in any new community. Give yourself the grace of time and patience to let the place fit.

How We Communicate with You Our most important communication tool as a church is the e-blast (through email) which comes out once per week. You can sign up for the eblast right here on our website, or indicate your interest when attending Worship at Trinity.

How to Get to Know People – One of the best ways to get to know folks at Trinity is to stay for Coffee Hour after Worship. This is a great time to introduce yourself or catch up with other Trinity folks through fellowship. Stay as long as you’d like!

Children’s Ministry We love offering Godly Play on Sunday mornings which invites children of many ages to experience and “wonder” about the stories of the Bible. Reach out to family@trinity-germantown.org for more information or see our volunteer at the Check In Desk in the front hallway.

Youth Ministry – Yes, we have a youth ministry. Email family@trinity-germantown.org for more information about the next youth gathering.

Are you interested in becoming a Trinity Member? We periodically offer new members classes.  Contact Pastor Kate at kate@trinity-germantown.org for more information. 

Are you active on Facebook or Instagram? So are we. This is one of the spaces where we share creativity challenges, snapshots of God-sightings, sermons and prayers.

A Fun Fact: Behind the Sanctuary Altar – Is the Germantown HELP Pantry. We’re thrilled to host Germantown HELP in our building. This feeding ministry serves dozens of families in Germantown each week with groceries delivered directly to their homes. We collect food and some of our members volunteer directly with Germantown HELP.