Welcome to Trinity United Methodist Church’s Stations of the Cross!

We are so glad you are here!

From the earliest days of our faith, believers have wished to follow the footsteps of Christ on that fearful
Friday as he journeyed from a place of solitary prayer to a place of public humiliation and death. Even
today, many follow the ancient Via Dolorosa (the Way of Grief) through the streets of Jerusalem as a
devotional practice. Similarly, over the centuries, the Church has presented this journey in an abstract
form (the Stations of the Cross) for those who are unable to go to Jerusalem but wish a similar
devotional experience.

The Stations vary in number largely due to the tradition of a specific church or denomination. The
Stations chosen by TUMC are strictly scriptural. We offer 10 Stations this year, including an Optional
station at our Outdoor Chapel.

When you are ready, you may go to the “Upper Room” (Station 1) and go forward to the next Station,
following the arrows as you go.

You may go alone or in a group. In Christ, we are never alone. You are invited to take as much time as
you would like, to pray and reflect. This is a sacred time. A time to be separate from the world and to be
fully in the presence of God.