Community Hour

Community Hour starts October 14th! This is a time for us to deepen relationships and deepen our faith. There is something for everyone during community hour, have a look at the classes that will be offered below: Joyful Noise (PreK-3rd) A multisensory approach to teaching kids about God. Each week, we’ll explore God’s word through silly…

The Summer Sundae Circuit & Spiritual Gifts

Rev. Bonnie will be visiting house-to-house this summer for conversation about your spiritual gifts, prayer, and Sundaes. You provide the ice-cream, and she’ll bring a spread of Sundae toppings. Before the visit, complete your spiritual gifts inventory. Rev. Bonnie will schedule appointments, working alphabetically through the congregation, but feel free to reach out to her…

Campfire Call Stories Family VBS

Campfire Call Stories A Family Vacation Bible School Sundays in July (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd) 5-7pm At Trinity UMC’s Campfire Circle Storytelling, song, games, crafts, and hotdogs. No registration needed – please bring an adult Sunday VBS Schedule  5pm– Hotdog & Watermelon dinner 5:15pm – Welcome, Songs, Bible Story, Offering 5:45 – Small Group Reflection…

Holy Fire: Listen to/Read a Sermon

holy fire

January 14: God Incarnate Audio

Text: Holy Fire (1) God Incarnate
The Christian doctrine of “incarnation” says that God took on a human body in Jesus Christ, affirming the goodness of human flesh. Likewise, human sexuality was created by God and has positive worth. We’ll explore the mixed legacy of Christian attitudes toward sex and procreation, and consider what the “holy fire” of sexuality has to do with our life in God.

January 21 The Fall & Sin
Text: Holy Fire (2) Fall and Sin

The Christian doctrine of “the fall” or “original Sin” says that sin entered the world and all creation is wounded by evil. Perhaps this brokenness is no-where more evident than in the realm of human sexuality—so easily it falls short of what God intends. We’ll explore the way sex can both exacerbate and heal our alienation from God and others, and notice God’s first act of grace in covering our shame.

January 28 Grace and Forgiveness – Audio
Text: Holy Fire (3) Grace and Forgiveness

The Christian doctrine of “salvation by grace” is the beating heart of Methodism. Grace is relational and flows between God and people, brother and sister, husband and wife. Our sex-lives or single-lives are arenas where we can experience the grace of God and be transformed. Why then have our sex-lives or single-lives become the arena of so much Christian stone-throwing? This message will focus on the way God’s grace woos us, justifies us, and sanctifies us through holy intimacy.

February 4 Divine Covenant Love
Text: Holy Fire 4 Divine Covenant Love

Is there such a thing as a “biblical view of marriage?” King David might not be our best role model. There is certainly a biblical doctrine of “God’s covenant love” which is conveyed in marital imagery. We’ll survey the biblical practices of marriage and celibacy and ask how our contemporary expressions of these practices can reflect God’s covenant love. In this light, we’ll propose an ethical system for determining when sex is a faithful option for Christians.

February 11 Identity in Christ

Christians believe that our primary identity is in Christ, through baptism. How does this identity relate to our sexual or gender identity? We’ll discuss the patriarchal milieu in which Scripture was written and the church’s current struggle to understand homosexuality. We’ll consider the story of Philip the Ethiopian Eunuch and consider what it might say about the place of sexual minorities in the church.

Me Too: A Sermon on Sexual Assault

Me Too: The Power of God Matthew 25: 31-46 Rev. Bonnie Scott The sermon audio is available here under the title “Power of God” The sermon this morning is largely about sexual assault. This is a very hard topic because it has affected so many of our lives. The sermon is not at all graphic,…

Invitations of Advent

Advent invites us to wait. To be silent. Still. To welcome longing and grief. To play the unfinished symphony. To hold our desire for what is, what will be, what may never be this side of heaven. In the silence of the heart, God speaks. Advent Worship Sundays in December at 10am Making space for…

Learn to take control of your money

Join the money class that will change your life. The class begins on January 9, 2018 and consists of nine weekly sessions through April 6, 2018. Topics include, cash flow planning, dumping debt, the role of insurance, retirement and college planning and more. Learn to take control of your money, one step at a time.…

Trunk Or Treat Oct 29, 2017

Trunk or Treat! A Community Event. All are welcome! Sunday, October 29, 4-5:30pm. Rain or Shine! Dress in costume and go trick-or-treating from trunk to trunk. Bring a food donation for Germantown HELP! Service of the Martyrs – 5:30pm.  This spooky 30-minute service is hosted by our youth and tells the story of the Christian…

Serve at the Mo. Co. Fair – Chicken Booth

Thank you for your interest in serving with Trinity’s food booth at the Montgomery County Fair, August 11- August 19, 2017 You can sign up for a shift here or by calling the church office – 301-540-4300 Your confirmation email will include information about your days at the fair. Fair Proceeds Benefit: Mission Tithe – Institute…