Lent & Easter at Trinity

Holy Week & Easter Worship

Holy Thursday, March 24th, 7pm Service of Communion. Nursery Care is provided.

Good Friday, March 25th. 12noon – 12:30 Prayer Service. Open prayer Vigil in the Sacntuary from noon -3pm

Easter Sunday March 27th. 6:45am Easter Sunrise Service. 10am Sanctuary Service. Nursery is provided at 10am. Children will remain in the worship service.



We take as our basic premise that everyone is an addict. How often do you reach for your phone as a source of “comfort,” or for that emotional “hit?” Yep, that’s an addiction. On an even deeper level, Fr. Richard Rohr suggests, we are all addicted to ourselves, to our own egos. This Lent we’ll be taking a good hard look at our own addictions, with the belief that God wants better for us. Healing and freedom is available by the grace of God. We’ll spend 6 weeks learning from scripture and the wisdom of the 12 Steps.

Sermons will be based on Richard Rohr’s book “Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the 12 Steps.” You are invited and encouraged to get a copy of either this book and and/or the companion journal to use in your personal devotions. You might also wish to walk through this material with a small group of friends or family members. Again-this book isn’t meant just for those with alcohol or drug addictions, but for anyone who wishes to become a freer and more joyful Christian.

Sermon Series & Reading Plan

Feb 14- Step One – Powerlessness – Read Intro & Chapter 1

Feb 21 – Steps Two & Three – Desire & Surrender – Read Chapters 2&3

Feb 28 – Steps Four- Seven – Asking for God – Read Chapters 4,5,6 &7 (focus on 4 &7)

Mar 6 – Steps Eight & Nine – Reconciliation -Read Chapters 8&9

Mar 13 – Steps Ten & Eleven – Prayer – Read Chapters 10 &11

Mar 20 – Step Twelve – Keeping On  -Read Chapter 12 & Postscript


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