Kids in Quarantine

During the quarantine, things have been especially difficult on children. We have been thinking of them and how to incorporate them into the life of the church throughout this time. From “God is in Your Townhouse” from Pastor Bonnie to “The Adventures of Lise and Jack” from Ms. Holli, Trinity kids are at the top of our priority list.

As we transition into Cell Groups, children are still very important to us. We hope that our families will find a Cell Group that fits them.

If you would like to see episodes of God is in Your Townhouse, you can check them out on our video playlist on YouTube here.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

You can also check out our Bedtime Buddies videos here which are videos of Trinity members reading Bedtime stories for children.

For stories from “The Adventures of Lise and Jack,” you can check out this playlist as well. In their most recent stories Lise and Jack talk about hard questions with the killing of George Floyd and how to use their voice with the recent protests happening in our country and around the world.

Adventures of Lise and Jack: Secret Missions

Adventures of Lise and Jack: Special Women

Adventures of Lise and Jack: Show and Tell

Adventures of Lise and Jack: Our Special Book

Adventures of Lise and Jack: Hard Questions

Adventures of Lise and Jack: Use Your Voice

For lessons from each chapter of the Manna & Mercy Curriculum you can find those below:

Chapter 1: Beginnings

Chapter 2: God Births a People

Chapter 3: The Wilderness School

Chapter 4: The Covenant and Covenant Gift

Chapter 5: Graduation and Settling Down

Chapter 6: We Want a King

Chapter 7: Yahweh Sends Prophets

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