Join us from January 10th – February 14th, 2021 for a 6 week Journey through the book of Acts

This study will happen through our Cell Groups. You can join one to watch together with a small group of Trinity members. You can also engage by watching the weekly worship service posted on our youtube channel each week.

You can always find a group of Trinity folks meeting together in a Worship Cell Group on Sunday mornings at 10am by connecting to the link below:

Click here for link to Zoom
You can also access zoom through the
Meeting ID: 831 3984 8962
Passcode: TRINITY

Or you can access the call by phone by dialing 301 715 8592
Meeting ID: 831 3984 8962 and using the
Passcode: 139581

All families are invited to join our Family Cell Group on Sunday mornings at 10am. This is a family friendly time with a live Children’s Moment and time for parents and caregivers to engage in watching the worship video and discussion together, often with playing children in the same room. You can find information for connecting to this Cell Group below:

Click here for link to Zoom
You can also access zoom through the
Meeting ID: 830 8291 9446
Passcode: Family

If you would like more information on Cell Groups you can email Pastor Bonnie or Holli Vining to get connected.

Throughout this series you are invited to use this guide (Journey through Acts) to read a chapter of Acts each day. We will also post weekly readings on our Facebook page and Instagram pages each Sunday that you can use throughout the week.

Please make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel, follow us on Facebook and on Instagram for the most up to date information on all things Trinity.