•  Our teenagers are learning about sex every place else. Isn’t church the place we *most* want them to learn about God’s vision for a healthy sexuality? The church has so much beauty to offer on the subject, we cannot afford to remain silent!
  •  This is not a series about shame or guilt or condemnation or mistakes you’ve made. This is a series about grace, wholeness, and freedom.
  •  This series is appropriate for 6th grade and up. Children thru 5th grade will have Sunday School opportunities. The series will strive to give parents language to use when its time to have conversations with younger children.
  •  Sexuality is not an end in and of itself—it points us to God. Ultimately, this is a series about our life with God, and that applies to everyone—whether or not the topic of sex seems relevant to your stage of life. What matters to one member of Christ’s body matters to all of us

You can listen/read the sermons after they are preached.

January 14 – God Incarnate: Bodies, flesh and holy sex; text; audio

January 21 – Sin and Fall

January 28 – Grace and Forgiveness

February 4 – Divine Covenant Love

February 11 – Identity in Christ