Trinity is transitioning to using Cell Groups as our way to stay connected with each other during this time. We are so excited about this and hope that everyone will join a Cell Group that works for them. We have Cell Groups that meet at a variety of times throughout the week and we even have Cell Groups that cater to families. There is a place for everyone.

Cell Groups will consist of 6-10 people and will allow you to invest in a small group of people where you will actually get to talk to each other, hear each other laugh, or even have a cup of coffee.

When you gather as a cell group over Zoom, by the wonders of technology– you’ll all get to watch the 20 minute worship video together—it will include some singing, a short sermon, a scripture, and some teaching about the Manna and Mercy chapter. For our families, the children will also have a short video giving them an activity to do for the day and a song to practice. Then your group will have time to check in with each other, discuss the lesson for the day, and pray together. Your cell group gathering will last no more than an hour. It’s like mini-church. And it’s designed to deepen your relationships in the church as well as your faith in God.

If you would like to hear more about how Trinity has stayed connected and how we envision these Cell Groups being incorporated into our life together, you can watch our State of the Church Address. If you want to know more about Cell Groups you can watch “What is a Cell Group?”

Manna and Mercy is the curriculum we will be using over the next several months as we transition into this new way of doing church. If you would like to know more about the graphic-novel type curriculum you can check out their website here.

Schedule for Cell Groups

On the first Sunday of each month we will gather together for a Community Worship, until we can begin to meet together again, these will happen over zoom. For the remainder of the weeks of the month, you will meet with your Cell Group to have church together.

June 2020

June 14 – Chapter 1: Beginnings

June 21 – Chapter 2: God Births A People

June 28 – Chapter 3: The Wilderness School

July 2020

July 5 – Chapter 4: The Covenant and the Covenant Gift

Zoom/Community Worship

July 12- Chapter 5: Graduation and Settling Down

July 19 – Chapter 6: We Want a King

July 26 – Chapter 7: Yahweh Sends Prophets

August 2020

August 2 – Chapter 8: By The Waters of Babylon

Zoom/Community Worship

August 9 – Chapter 9: Home Again

August 16 – Chapter 10: God’s Surprise

August 23 – Chapter 11: Manna and Mercy for All

August 30 – Chapter 12: Jerusalem

September 2020

September 6 – Chapter 13: A Risen Jesus, a Risen People

Zoom/Community Worship

September 13 – Chapter 14: The Danger of Pharaoh’s Egypt Way

September 20 – Chapter 15: The Risen People Share God’s Dream

September 27 – Chapter 16: God’s Dream Will Come True