A Time for Healing Series


 A Time To Heal, A new 6 week worship series from October 11 – Nov 22

This difficult season has opened wide a wilderness and revealed to us our human brokenness. We struggle with loneliness, hostility, despair, uncertainty, emotional woundedness, and fear. We are thirsty for God and often cut off from our regular sources of spiritual sustenance. It is often in the wilderness that God invites us to heal and be transformed. 

Whether you have been plugged-in or tuned-out of Trinity’s life since the pandemic began, I invite you to tune-in for a new series called “A Time to Heal.” With the help of Henri Nouwen’s book Reaching Out, we will trace three movements of the spiritual life toward healing. 

  1. From Loneliness to Solitude
  2. From Hostility to Hospitality
  3. From Illusion to Prayer

While these movements may begin in the heart, they are lived out in the world. Our world is in need of followers of Christ who have faced their own need for healing, been schooled in the healing mercies of God, and can lend what they’ve learned toward our present concern for justice.

If you’d like to purchase the Henri Nouwen book, Reaching Out, feel free to do that on your own. Otherwise, simply join us to worship and participate in the many ways listed below. We also invite you to walk—to simply go for walks and allow your steps to become a prayer. We hope this Walking Tracker  (click the blue words) will help us all take steps (literal and figurative) toward healing.

Ways to connect:

  • Worship Videos – Will be offered each week via the eblast and Trinity’s YouTube channel. These contain a short sermon, scripture, music, and a blessing.
  • New Cell Group – If you would like to gather with a small group over Zoom to watch the worship video and pray together, a new cell group is forming: Sundays at 10am led by Trinity’s Seminary Intern, Jennie Lyons. Please email revbonnie@trinity-germantown.org for more info.
  • Existing Cell Groups can continue to meet as a cell group, and welcome new members. 
  • Facebook Live Call to Worship – Sundays at 9:45am (10 minutes) You do not need a facebook account to watch the live, interactive, Call to Worship each Sunday morning. 


Week 1

Questions for Discussion
1.  Which season of your life has been the loneliest?
2.  How do you tend to run away or distract yourself from loneliness?
3.  If loneliness is a doorway, what do you believe is on the other side?

Week 2

Scripture: Exodus 33:12-23
Questions for Discussion

1.     How would you describe solitude?
2.    What do you think Nouwen means when he writes: “the world asks for our idolizing attention?” How can our attention be given to God instead of idols?
3.     Is it difficult to meet your own pain with compassion and solidarity? How about the pain of others?

Week 3 

Questions for Discussion

1. Share a brief story about a time when you were made to feel welcome.
2. What kinds of things are need to create a space where an enemy (of yours) can become a friend or guest (of yours)?
3. When you think of stories of hospitality in the Bible—ie. Philemon, Abraham & Sarah and the angels, the Road to Emmaus—where does the distinction between host and guest disappear?

4. Have you ever experienced this distinction fade away yourself? In communion?

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