This Week’s Announcements


Time, Talent & Giving – This past Sunday was Commitment Sunday.  Haven’t yet submitted your time, talent and giving form?  No worries!  You still have time to submit it here.

Blue Christmas Worship

Join us this Wednesday at Seneca Valley UCC at 7pm for a Blue Christmas worship service.  This is a quiet, prayerful service for those who are struggling this holiday season.  While the world insists everything be “merry and bright,” you are invited to bring your whole self to this meditative service where Christ’s light comes in the midst of the darkness.  You can also join us online by visiting

A Note From the Reopening Committee, regarding masks

For the foreseeable future, Trinity is asking that everyone continue to be masked during Sunday services.  We know that wearing masks is tiresome: we are tired of not being able to smile at one another, we are tired of having to decipher muffled conversations, we are tired of our glasses always fogging up.  We know.
But, we also know that there are members of our congregation who are unable to be vaccinated, who are more susceptible to serious health issues, or who regularly interact with people in both of these categories.  We aim to be a community of care, and we want everyone to feel safe in our church building.  We cannot ignore the fact that Covid cases are still prevalent and the risk of infection is very real.  Again, we aim to be a community that is mindful and supportive of all its members and visitors.  Thank you.