So You’ve Eaten our Chicken BBQ… What Now?

fairWe hope you enjoyed Trinity’s Chicken BBQ at the Mo.Co. Fair. More than we love the fair, we love welcoming newcomers into our church.

  • You are a gift from God to our congregation. We know some churches like to keep outsiders out, but that’s just not us.
  • We welcome children into our worship service, where they will have a special moment with the Pastor before they can choose to attend Sunday School. We’ll be blessing their backpacks on Sunday August 30th at 10am.
  • We welcome people of all ages, races, nations, and faith backgrounds. Not too long ago we counted 23 countries represented in our membership! We belong to different sides of the political aisle, speak different languages, and wear an eclectic range of things on Sunday morning. (Someone once showed up in a chicken suit). But we are all leaning into the grace of Jesus Christ, and we really are “A Church for Everyone.”
  • Our Sunday worship service has a traditional but friendly vibe. We’re not uptight.
  • We have a growing population of young adults and young families who are eager to welcome you. Our ages range from babies in-utero to 96 years old.

Enough about us. We’re really looking forward to meeting you. Thanks for visiting us, and we hope to see you any Sunday at 10am.

Peace and Joy,

Rev. Bonnie

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