A Pound for the New Pastor

Rev. Bonnie collects "pound of" gifts from the congregation.

Trinity officially welcomed Rev. Bonnie Scott as its new pastor during worship service on Sunday and presented her with one-pound gifts in the tradition of Southern churches.

In a practice begun by the Quakers, church members would welcome new pastors into the community with gifts to help stock the parsonage with staples, such as flour, sugar, butter, honey, and other basic necessities. The gifts weren’t always in increments of just one pound. Some church members would give something like a ham or a jug of apple cider.

Rev. Bonnie collected foodstuffs, kitchen supplies, and other household items. It was a well-rounded pounding that included a pound of nails for her love of woodworking. Another gift was a hefty book on building furniture. Attached to the book was a card with best wishes and a quote from John Wesley, “An ounce of love is worth a pound of knowledge.”

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