Prayer of Confession

Lord God, we are so bound by rules and regulations that we fail to see the human need that goes beyond the bounds of structures. We easily relegate compassionate service to those agencies in our society that have that as their mandate, forgetting that you have given us the supreme mandate to care for one another, even as you have cared for us.

We turn our backs on those in need giving the responsibility to someone else. “Let someone else to the work,” we proclaim. And in that proclamation we have revealed our selfishness and our inability to be your disciples.

Stop us from our selfish ways, and heal our hardened hearts. Forgive us, again, as you have so often before when we have failed to be your witnesses and workers. Help us become involved in ministries of peace and justice right where we are, for there is nowhere in creation where your love is not needed.

Let us bring messages of love and hope to all people. Bring us to an understanding of the partnership of healing and hope that abides in your service.

For we ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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